Hire Rates for Niton Village Hall

Terms and Conditions Of Hire: Click Here

Private Hire (non-commercial): £10 per hour

Regular Groups: £6 per hour

Charity Coffee Morning: £25 (3 hours)

Commercial hiring: £15 per hour

To hire Niton Village Hall please Contact Us

BOUNCY CASTLES: The use of bouncy castles, inflatables and trampolines on the premises is not permitted as they are considered a hazardous activity by our insurers.

Disability Access

Main entrance double doors: There is one concrete step up from the pedestrian pathway in the High Street into the entrance lobby of the hall. When the front doors are open there is a large hand rail securely fitted to the left hand side entrance wall.

Wheelchair access can be made via the single large Fire Exit door located to the right of the stage. There is a portable ramp stored at the back of the stage. (See signage on fire door for location). Anyone requiring to use this entrance/exit for their wheelchair, should contact their event/group organiser prior to arrival, to ensure that the ramp is in situ.

The entrance lobby and main hallway has wood block flooring on one level. The kitchenette is on the same level and has a concrete floor. The floor of the toilet and cloakroom facilities have a tiled floor and they are located to the rear of the hall and to the left of the wooden steps leading up to the stage.

One large flat angled wood covered concrete step leads into the toilet and cloakroom facilities. In order to further aid wheelchair access, to the left of this step/doorway, sited against the wall, there is an aluminium ramp and two non slip mats. Please ensure the mats are placed on the floor under the ramp, before use. Both toilets have room to accommodate a wheelchair and have hand rails. However there is not a specific designated disabled toilet.